Tuesday August 8th, 2006

Well, I haven’t heard anything about the Sporanos audition… Argh! It’s one thing when you feel you gave a lousy read, but when you are so confident that your read was in the right direction… it gets so frustrating when you don’t even get a call back.

Bette Midler was asked about how she dealt with auditions when she was a struggling singer/actress and she said: “You have to walk into the audition with the confidence knowing you are better than white bread, and walk out with the humility know that you are not.”

My survival work as a bookkeeper has been quiet this week, I guess everyone is on vacations. I’m trying to get my company Joey Vegas Productions up and running as a production desig studio that does demo reels for actors. I’ve really dived into the world of apple computer in the last 2 years & editing & audio production has been my second nature. I am going to produce, direct, edit & act in a short film that one of my friend’s has been wanting to do. “Funny Face”, will be about 10 minutes and we will flood the festival circuit with it.

My agent called with another audition scheduled for this Friday. A pretty decent role in a studio feature film. Hey that’s not bad!! Adam Sandler’s older brother in a film called “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”. Adam is opposite Kevin James and they play out of work firefighters who pose as a gay ouple to get health insurance. (Something very close to that). Jessica Biel is also in it. A 50ish year old big brother named Moshe who is a Sopranos wanna be. Yeah I can do that!!

Gearing up to my 50th birthday, and I have mixed feelings about it. I’m definitely not a kid anymore but sometimes I feel 20 years old. If I can only hang on to that without feeling that I’m being silly, I’ll be fine.

I have a strong “To Do List” and 2 priorities are to finish the book I started “I’m a Famous Actor… You Just Haven’t Heard of me Yet!” and to delve into the rewrites of my screenplay “Mary’s Dilemma”. You can read about “Mary’s Dilemma” at www.marysdilemma.com

I openly share with you so I thank you for reading.

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