TAKING ARIZONA – Comedy – A group of Baby Boomers travel cross country to recreate Woodstock for their friend’s funeral and along the way they rediscover life, sex and marijuana.

HEALED – Drama/Religious Thriller – A dedicated surgeon’s unused, secret healing power is the focus when a psychotic priest with a life long vengeance takes him hostage at gunpoint to prevent him from healing his dying wife. SEMI-FINALIST – 2011 AMERICAN SCREENWRITING COMPETITION.

LOVE YOU TWO – Romantic Comedy – Before this became a romantic comedy it was a Drama titled Mary’s Dilemma, and a trailer was produced. A woman racing her biological clock falls in love with and must choose between who she thinks are 2 perfect men, not knowing one is an angel and the other a devil, both with their own agendas.  FINALIST – 2010 SCRIPTAPALOOZA SCREENPLAY COMPETITION, SEMI-FINALIST – 2010 AMERICAN SCREENWRITING COMPETITION.


THE LILAC PAPERS – Drama – As a Man succumbs to cancer, his Mother, Wife, Sister and Brother battle for their place in his life. HONORABLE MENTION – 2003 LA SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL

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