August 2nd, 2006

Today I had another audition for The Sopranos, this time the role of Dr. Uri Rosen, who tells a cast member (I’ll keep it a surprise) that they have lung cancer & 3 months to live.

When I first received the scene from my agent I saw that there were a few medical terms in it, so I sat online looking for both the phonetic spelling for proper pronunciation, and the meaning in the context of the sentence. No problem was able to do that.

I walked into Walken Jaffe Casting drenched like a wet blade of grass. The heat was actually hellish here in New York City today.
But I was surprised when Meredith Tucker (Casting Associate) recognized me from my last Sporanos audition for Tony‘s Real Estate Lawyer a few months ago. She addressed me directly by name & chatted abit. That put me in a total state of comfort and I knew I was going to ace the audition. Although (and here are those horrible demon voices in my head speaking), I was there for the role of a renowned doctor & I wore tan slacks and a green & white checkered shirt… the other guy was wearing a white shirt & tie! Forget it! I’ll stand out then in a green checked shirt.

I listened as the other guy went in and I thought his delivery was too relaxed and quiet. I went in very calm & focused. I sat in the chair in fornt of the camera, slated my name & began. After the first take Meredith said I needed to speed up, that I was taking too long with the dramatical pauses. The second take went great. She commented on the detached air I had and it worked well for a doctor who has to tell many people that they are going to die. She asked me to keep in mind that because I had to tell many people, the words were almost systematic. The third take went perfect & she said it was excellent, no need for another take.

As I rose again she mentioned it was good to see me, so I added a little banter chat. As I left the building I went straight to a card store, purchased a Thank You card, filled it out, inserted one of my postcards for her personal wall by her desk & mailed it right away. I felt great.

That’s my life here n New York City… and how is your?

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  1. RWA says:

    Well, I will keep an eye out for that doctor character – and maybe I’ll recognize the guy from blogspot.Good luck!