Six Degrees…

My audition for Tartuffe for Two Rivers Theater in New Jersey went really well. I coached with a friend and was able to to put a cool character together. It’s out of my hands now, I’d love the job, but if it’s meant to be… it will.

I did have a suprise short notice audition for the new TV series Six Degrees, the role of a Jewish salesman in the diamond district selling a diamond ring to Damien. Well being jewish was no problem… I arrived at Silvercup Studios East early, I like to chill out first & also scope the competition (which I shouldn’t do). While I was there, there were 2 other very friendly guys, we all started chatting. The coolest thing was that we were all different “types”: one guy had an olive complection & looked Israeli, another was smaller, reddish blonde short har, and myself with my dark hair, goatee & girth. Mary Jo Slater was called in from LA to cast the series & she was very friendly considering she flew in overnight on the red eye. My audition was with her assistant Beth and no one was put on tape. So there would be a call back for the producers. Today is friday, the audition was yesterday, doesn’t look good for me, I would have been called in already.

I’m scheduled to audition for the Prince Music Theater of Philadelphia next Wednesday for “Annie Get Your Gun”, in the role of Buffalo Bill. Now that should be fun. Buffalo Bill’s only solo singing is in the number “There’s no Business Like Show Business” and I was told to sing a ballad in the style of the show. Well poo, poo on that! I’m gonna sing an uptempo that makes me sound really good. I’ll sing either “There is Nothing Like a Dame” from “South Pacific” or “That’s Entertainment”.
I called my voice coach & I already had a session scheduled with her for Thursday, but I added another one for Wednesday morning, the day of the audition. It’s expenses like this that keep adding up & keep me in the poor house. But it would be a great gig to to.

I’m tired… I have an editing project to finish, and I’m shooting a short film on Sunday. Ahh the life.
My words from New York City.

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