Monday Oct & 16th, 2006

I am sitting in an internet cafe in the mountains of Vercors in the small village of Pont en Royans. Not far from the Swiss and Italy borders. This morning we visited the French caves… magnificent, humbling, spectacular! In this village all the houses are built into the sides of the mountain. We ate lunch in a wonderful restaurant along a river with the clearest water flowing that you are able to see the riverbed. I had ravioli du le creme roqufort: ravioli with a creme blue cheese sauce… yum!

Yesterday we saw the Monks of the order of cartreuse, where the liquor charteuse is made.
I have been keeping a detailed journal with many many pictures and I will upload them when I get to Paris next week.
The country house and my very spacious roon is wonderful and comfortable and the two women running the tour are delightful. The other 5 men are friendly and we all have been having a wonderful time together. I have been popping dramamine every day… driving through the mountains with the most curving roads I`ve ever seen are wrecking havoc with motion sickness, but as soon as we stop, within a half hour the nausea goes away. I have been sleeping great every night.

Friday we are taking the gondola up 12 thousand feet to the top of Mont Blanc in Switzerland. Tomorrow we are going to the region of Provance. The food is absolutely to die for. The scenery is so european……

More to come….
-Jeff in France

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