Picking up some work

My agent got me an appointment for an equity audition next wed for Two Rivers Theatre in NJ, they’re doing Tartuffe, the role is Loyal the police official who evicts Orgon, and it is in Molier speech (verse) but it takes place in modern day Texas, complete with drawl accent. Interesting I’ll rehearse with the sides over the weekend.

The theatre at Lincoln center is dark now so I’ve been soliciting myself around as a substitute usher and have gotten to see The Drowsey Chaperone…what a dense hit of musical theatre, wow! and for the first time The Lion King. The visuals were spectacular… talent was remarkable, it’s like being transformed into a fantasy world. After a while you saw animal characters, instead of the people operating them. Their personalities grew & were so compelling.

Ushering the whole weekend for City Center where the Greek Theatre is doing…epichles, persiclues….I don’t know… something like that, so should be interesting. This is the greatest being a union usher, they pay me to hand out playbills & see shows.

Getting ready for France.. I leave on Oct 13th & back on th 27th.
Ah, the life!

That’s my life here in New York City

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