Saturday June 30th, 2007

I’m maxing out all my credit cards and emptying my savings just to come up with the $4000 needed for the “Mary’s Dilemma” trailer. Frustrating! You have to spend money in order to attract money… right? I do have a top notch crew and I even have a guy flying in frm Florida to audition for the role of Jude. What’s filling me with angst is that my female lead who has been so loyal to this screenplay might not even get it. For as good as she is, the Director wanted someone else with more cinema appeal… go figure. But I do have to act in the best interest of the project, right?

I tried to give friends & actors’ I wanted to work with roles when the screenplay first started workshopping 3 years ago. Now that it’s getting closer to filming the trailer to show investors, I must have the absolute best that I can get. And in doing so I’ve lost some friends on the project. How do I stay intermediate in this?… or can I?

-Jeff in NYC


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