Thursday Aug 9th

The shoot this past weekend went fantastic!
With 2 days, 18 different locations, 2 units, and the best
actors, crew, production team & extras New York City had to offer…
we shot approx 8 hours of footage to be edited into
a 5 minute Investors Reel (Trailer) of MARY’S DILEMMA.

From the green lush scenery of Central Park, to the
Cathedral of St. John the Divine, to MNN, and Plays for Living and West 28th St.
To Rizzoli Bookstore and a fantastic shot in Rockefeller Center and a protest scene
on East 55th St… and more…

I wasn’t able to have my camera out all times, but please enjoy the following shots:

More photos from Angela who was an extra at the protest scene on East 55th St. Thanks Angela!

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