June 15th, 2007

As we prepare to shoot the DVD trailer to include in the Business Investment Offering Plan to raise money for “Mary’s Dilemma” I am reminded about Anna Kaufman.

One evening in the spring of 2004 I was sitting at my computer browsing the pages on My Space and I came across a singer Anna Kaufman, she was going by the name “Sparrow”. Her music was angelic! One of her songs titled Divine Intervention caught my ear and I couldn’t help but play it over and over again. It seemed to hit very close to home, and had the aura of the script I was writing, “Mary’s Dilemma” a romantic comedy about Mary Magdalene in present day New York City.

For the next few weeks I listened to the song over and over thinking this artist had unknowingly wrote & performed this composition strictly for my film. It would not leave my mind, so I sent her an email. She was a delight to speak with and we meet for cappuccino to discuss the song. That was it, she had given permission to use Divine Intervention in my film. My next step was to contact her Manager/Producer for paperwork giving me the rights to use it.

Her manager decided that she wanted money exchange and I explained my position, that I didn’t have any, but I could sign something for deferred pay resting upon any income received from the film. She said no and her voice was louder and stronger than Anna’s.
Anna politely declined the offer, but kept correspondence with me. She really wanted her song in my film. After some months we lost contact.

In December 2006 I was contacted by Anna’s father. He broke the news to me that Anna had taken her own life due to a chronic psychosis. The loss of such an incredible and talented person, at the young age of 23 is heartbreaking. It had taken some time but he read her journals where she stated that she so wanted her song in my film. He searched me out and offered me the use of the song.

On Aug 4th & 5th, we will be shooting the trailer DVD to include with the Business Plan Offering to the investors for money to shoot the film, and as Mary’s Dilemma begins to make it’s course in the unstable motion picture industry, I know one thing for certain: we will always have our own angel looking down on us showering us with her angelic voice and blessings.

So to you Anna I dedicate Mary’s Dilemma.

In Loving Memory
Anna “Sparrow” Kaufman
December 1981 – August 2005

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