Photo from my HAIRSPRAY audition

My Pop found this long-lost photo from my Broadway HAIRSPRAY audition circa 2004. Looks pretty good… check out those legs! It took me about 3 hours to prepare for this audition and it garnished me a call back,   but alas… I did not get cast. The song I sang was THOSE WERE THE DAYS, the song Jean Stapleton sang in character as Edith Bunker for the opening credits of the famous 1970’s TV Show ALL IN THE FAMILY.

PS… Being frustrated about a wig, you can notice the hair rollers I sewed to the kerchief, then added slippers to get that worn housewife look.

At the theater last night someone dropped their ticket in the lobby and apparently an elderly woman picked it up and used it to enter the theater.  She then went to the  box office and tried to exchange it for another seat. When the scam was found out, the elderly woman raced up the stairs and out of the theater in the falling snow… not to be seen again.  Boy I wish I could run up the stairs  like her!

In snow-laden New York City,


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