The Red Hat Society

Last night at the theatre I sat some women who all had one thing in common… a piece of red clothing. I though they might be the Red Hat Women. Just returning from Florida a cousin of mine, is a Red Hat down there.

So I asked these women and although they were not from the Red Hat Society, they knew of it and express their interest in being part of it.

You can read more about The Red Hat Society at

That’s it from New York City as we prepare for our first very significant (6-9 inches) snowfall this year, and I’m working matinee & evening shows today.


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  1. rashmikamath says:

    hey this post came up on my ‘related articles’ corner while i was editing a post and as i felt it had a little relevance to my post i included it in my post. i’m sure you must have gotten a notification from wordpress, but i just wanted to leave a personal note. hope you don’y mind :)