Wonderful cappuccino… oh yes a film and a play also.

Yesterday, after working (as an Usher) and seeing again for the second time OTHER DESERT CITIES

at the Newhouse Theater at Lincoln Center (Stockard Channing, Stacy Keach, Linda Lavin, Thomas Sadoski and Elizabeth Marvel all in amazing performances of an extremely well written, modern American play by Jon Robin Baitz) I took in a double feature at NYC’s famed Film Forum.

Other Desert Cities dived into my emotions with a family of five that i was so totally able to identify with. Not that I have 5 family members like those characters, but I was able to touch within myself elements of each of the characters. From the I accept the way things are, but I don’t want to talk about it of Stacy’s Father, to Stockard’s I have everything under control”, to Linda’s “So fucking what” to Thomas’ Hey, I got my own issue’s too, to Elizabeth’s Can’t you hear me, my brother died?! Kudo’s to a play that has affected me so. Rumor has it, that Other Desert Cities will hit Broadway in the Fall, catch it now at Off Broadway prices, but I’m already thinking this play will be nominated for many TONY AWARDS.

Being a lover of film noir, the Film Forum is having a Fritz Lang festival so I took in a double feature of THE BIG HEAT and HUMAN DESIRE, both with Glen Ford and Gloria Grahame. The Big Heat was OK, but Human Desire was wonderful. HUMAN DESIRE (1954) Zola’s La Bête Humaine à l’Américain: busy Gloria Grahame gets adulterous to save hubby Broderick Crawford’s railroad job, then gets new boyfriend Glenn Ford to provide the alibi when jealous Crawford gets murderous himself.

As I left the theater I felt so complete from the cathartic sobbing session while watching Other Desert Cities (having buried 2 brothers myself), to the fulfillment of watching a film noir piece that was so iconic and the conversation I had with the stranger seated next to me, to the warm smile the attendant gave me as she  passed to me a tasty decaf cappuccino that I quietly took into the theater to enjoy with my 85% cocoa bar.

It was a satisfying day for me, hope yours was too!

In New York City with Jeff.

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