I am questionable….

Again I sit at my computer, different day, my eyes switching from the computer screen to the living room window where snow is brilliantly shining. It hasn’t hit the ground yet where gallons of swishy, dirty, slush make crossing the street like crossing the Hudson river.

I was about to open my screenplay HEALED, I’ve been rolling in my head a scene that needs to be written; but my finger can’t seem to click on the icon. I’m afraid that once I open the file I won’t have anything to write because the scene in my head is not fully amalgamated yet. So I sit in front of my computer staring out the window, knowing I should be writing.

I have been doing a lot of research for HEALED about Priests, cancer and the freedom and right to deny treatment for any ailment, life threatening or not, and the reasons why someone would deny treatment. I’ve read some remarkable stories from people suffering with cancer, some blog entries from people who want to commit suicide, and various ways and beliefs people use to establish a direction of  faith in their life without using organized religion as we know it.

In doing so I’ve come across, what I feel to be a remarkable site. Where the owner’s writings come close to what I’ve had in my head for many years but have not been able to pinpoint, formulate, and express it. Please visit his site, which is titled: ROGUE PRIEST, re-imagining spirituality, self-development and courage for the 22nd century, and discover for yourself another point of view.


From wet & snowy New York City,


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