What I Do For Love

What I Do For Love
Thursday November 16th, 2006

I was having a rough day, with a heavy finance meeting at my survival job until…

So I’m watching this great classic and each and every performer should be given a Tony award especially my favorite, Deidre Goodwin the actress who played Shelia, the aging chorus girl. AND the tears flowed when Cassie played by Charlotte D’Amboise, performed “Music and The Mirror”… AND when the cast did “What I Did For Love”… AND… the well known number “One”.
BUT the show is so dated and I was left with a void where I should have had been filled with a catharthsis of emotion.

The words to “What I Did For Love” are so strong to me … here they are:

Kiss today goodbye, The sweetness and the sorrow.
Wish me luck, the same to you.
But I can’t regret
What I did for love, what I did for love.

Look my eyes are dry. The gift was ours to borrow.
It’s as if we always knew,
And I won’t forget what I did for love,
What I did for love.
Love is never gone. As we travel on,
Love’s what we’ll remember.
Kiss today goodbye,
And point me t’ward tomorrow.
We did what we had to do.
Won’t forget, can’t regret
What I did for
Love What I did for Love
What I did for…
Love Love is never gone
As we travel one
Love’s what we’ll remember
Kiss today goodbye. And point me t’ward tomorrow.
Point me t’ward tomorrow
We did what we had to do. Won’t forget, can’t regret
What I did for love. What I did for love.
What I did for love

It made me start to think…. here I am, 50 years old, a heavyset balding, jewish boy from brooklyn… and I’m still struggling to make it as an actor. Oh I have some decent credits… but I want to be a full time working….ACTOR. No wait I want to be a star! Yes, I do… I want to sign autographs, and I want it all.

I have my production company which is starting to pick up some momentum, but where, when, how am I going to get my stardom?
Sounds foolish doesn’t it? But that’s all I know and desire…. I’m not complaining… and I really have it pretty damn good!
My survival jobs are great and bring in enough income for me to only work Tue Wed Thur… now that’s not including the ushering, but that doesn’t count… that fun to do. Who know’s if I’ll get what I want… but I really enjoy the process itis taking for me to get there. For example: my schedule for the next few days is:

I have vocal class at 11:30am, then I’m editing a short film for a buddy which is going to festival, then I’m going with a friend to see another friend in an off off Broadway show. And on Monday I am shooting footage an actress which I’m designing her Press Kit for DVD…. Not bad
Yes I am thankful and grateful for where I am, even though I do want more…. God I hope someone else is reading this…
who can understand what I saying……..
Time to become a couch potato and veg abit….
Thanks for listening to me Doc……
Oh, the best news of the day….. I’m going back to Paris… April 12th – 19th….and I’m renting a studio apt for less than I paid for the hotel I stayed in last time…
That’s my life here in New York City.


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