Sunday May 27th, 2007

I have been very frustrated with not booking any acting jobs in over a year. I know it is not me… I’m very confident with my acting skills (and I continue to study with Bill Esper and my vocal coach Nancy Evers and my musical theater coach Paul Harman)… but it’s just SO DAMN FRUSTRATING!!!

Well, now that I got that off my chest (thanks for listening)… I’m thankful for creating projects around me that keep me busy in perfecting and refining my craft. I am getting together this week with my Production Manager Gloria, and my DP/Director Joe (who is a camerman on the saop “One Life to Live”) to begin working on the 10 minute DVD trailer for my film “Mary’s Dilemma”. I will include this DVD in with the business & offering plan for the future investors.

I was also approached by a close friend who I met years ago in Austin Pendleton’s master scene class at HB Studios. John Juback (he will also play Jude the Devil in the 10 minute trailer) and I were going to do a scene from one of his favorite scripts and now a big favotite of mine… “Chinese Coffee” by Ira Lewis. It is a 2 character one act originally produced by Circle in the Square in 1992 starring Al Pacino. We never got a chance to work on that scene in class, and now with a quiet summer for both of us… we are going to do the entire piece as a film with different shooting locations throughout the city. It takes place in Greenwich Village in 1977 (my favorite time & place). We can’t do anything with the finished product but some footage for our reels, and a wonderful opportunity to work with each other. I admire & respect John’s talent and I’m very excited about working on this.

Today Susan and I are having dinner at one of the favorite places I found since moving up to Harlem… Miss Maude’s Spoonbread too, on Lenox & 137th St. If you’re in the area I highly reccomend this cozy & afforable spot for hommade favorites from the South. And it also has the best Lemonade east of the Mississippi!

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