Sun Oct 14, 2007

I’m hearing about friends & people I know booking acting jobs & in shows & TV & I’m auditioning, but getting nothing…
I’m happy for them… but Damn! Come on… when do I get mine?
I try to be as positive as I can… & thank goodness I have other projects on the burner…. But I’m not getting even crumbs thrown my way…. Money is so friggin tight….. thank god for my day jobs…..
I’ve been shelling out all this money for a vocal coach & vocal instruction, but when, when is it gonna come from inside me… to the surface?
You out there God… can you hear me?

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  1. Debbie Bordelon says:

    Patience, Grasshopper!Jeff, I do believe in you and in all of your hard work. You have been planting seeds for your future… let them grow. Weeds grow overnight…Roses do not, they take their own sweet little time to bloom…. and so will You! Faith! Hope! Glory! I will watch your story on TV! :)No doubt in my mind!Hugs! – Debbie