Feb 10th

This was a wonderful week….

I shot an industrial (interactive CD-ROM) for an insulin drug called Exubera. Last year I did a print job for them and a hologram figure for the AMA conference and they called and asked for me directly to do this interactive CD that patients can refer to for info on the medication.

I also had another print go-see for Allie (a weight loss drug) but have not heard anything on that yet.

Thursday evening while ushering I seated Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. This had to be the best looking couple I’ve seen since Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs.

Goldie wore a cute knitted floppy hat that did not come off till the lights started to go down, and Kurt was looking fantastic! He asked me some questions about the show, Goldie giggled at one of my answers and I left them in a good mood.

I’ve been thinking about starting weight watchers and today I finally joined. So I will be cleaning out my kitchen this weekend and shopping for all the good new and healthy (how’s that for positive?) food that I will eat.

It’s been very cold here in New York City, but thankfully there is no snow or rain.

Until later…..
that’s Jeff in New York City.
PS…. New developments with Mary’s Dilemma (read below) I will post this week.

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