Feb 16th

Today is my first day starting Weight Watchers. It was a big step to take but I’ve gotta knock off some weight. I was shocked to see how much I weighed when I stepped opn the scale… but… what can I say?…..

Big plans for my screenplay “Mary’s Dilemma”. I am planned to shoot a 10 minute DVD trailer and fish it around for investors to raise some money & shoot with a decent budget.

I was shot for an interact CD for Exubera, a new insulin inhaler. That will pay a bill or two.

I started in Bill Esper’s Master Scene class at Esper Studio, he invited me last fall & he is great to study under. Some interesting chaps in the class. Working on a scene from David Mamet’s Oleanna. This is a challange.

For now that’s all from cold & snowy New York City

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