8/31/06 If you want it do right… do it yourself.

I was unhappy that all summer long I had to send out headshots of myself wearing a winter coat. The photo has a dark hue to it, the coat is black… and whatever. Why didn’t I do something? I dunno know?!

I just received Adobe Photoshop and I sat all weekend teaching myself and re-touching the master photo of the already re-touched headshot I was sending out. It came out great I was thrilled. Then I tought why not re-touch some others and have reproduced another shot without a coat. It took me about 20 hours over the weekend to re-touch these pics till I was absolutely pleased with them.

This is the before (already re-touched) headshot.

This is the headshot I re-touched.

So if you want someting done right, learn to do it yourself!!
That’s my day in NYC.

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