What’s next…

Ahhhh the pains of struggling to be a working actor.  I haven’t heard from any of the auditions in the past 2 weeks, so I dealt with my 5 minutes of grief and are moving on… (Damn that West Side Story Tour would have been sweet!).

So what’s on my list: still rewriting my screenplay, but I’m working with an awesome script coach and to see the script evolve from a great idea, but so-so script to something that is is really good. The idea has changed a bit, but it’s just getting better & better.

No immediate auditions this week, but I am always available. Between all the survival jobs, it gets overwhelming at times, trying to make sure I do enough of this “survival” jobs to pay the rent & living in the city is not cheap.

I’m out of words for right, so I’ll leave my quarter at the door doc.
-Jeff in NYC


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