What we do for love…

I entered my religious thriller screenplay HEALED in a screenplay competition just to see how it would fare in the competitive market. (My other 2 screenplays all won awards from this venue). It recently moved from Quarterfinals to Semi Finals in the 2011 American Screenwriting Competition. That’s 44 screenplay which they say represent the top 2% of screenplay received. WOW! That means out of 2,200 screenplays mine is in the top 44. Not bad for something I’m doing on my spare time. So I brought some coverage for my screenplay which means an industry person will read it, make sure the structure, plot lines, format… everything is perfect, including review it as a copy editor. Expensive but worth it because now I will submit it to more competitions, and points could be taken off for any kind of error. (I should have done this before I sent it to the first competition).

Today I have my Master Screenwriting Class, which I’ve been doing since July 2011. It is a 10 hour, one Sunday a month, class. Being a very expensive day I try to make to most of it, along with the 6 other screenwriters in the class. The script coach has won an Emmy for a TV movie that starred celebrity names and was extremely well received and the fact is the guy is very nice and modest as well.

First there is a discussion on a specific subject concerning the format/structure of screenplay, then we submit pages we’ve written and read them and critique them. At first I wasn’t too keen on hearing a critique from another screenwriter but the coach instructs everyone first on how to present a constructive criticism instead of opinions on how they would write the script. So hearing from my peers on perfecting a line or situation is priceless.

It is a long day, but well worth the price of admission. I’m choosing my expenses wisely.

Cold but sunny day here in New York City,

With smiles…



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