Thursday March 20, 2008

It’s been a very condensed ride. Missing the rehearsal process where you learn your blocking as you learn your lines, and really getting to know the cast is important & I’m jumping that step.

I learned the blocking by watching the show 6 times and the rehearsal “put-in” where we did my scenes onstage with the cast. My first performance night on Tuesday 3/18 went great! Messed up some blocking but was able to merge with the cast, & play in their style (the show has been running for 7 weeks prior) and fit in. I got lost on the continuity of the show not knowing am I on now? how much time do I have till the next scene? and I have a quick change from the Rabbi to the Grandfather in Act 2 that had to be choreographed. I did get a note from the SM, that the Production Manager watched the Tuesday show (to report back to the Artistic Director) & was very pleased with my performance, even thought I was off “2 words” on my lines.

The Stage Manager Jon has been wonderfully patient with me as well as the cast. My 2nd performance last night went great, but I still messed up the blocking at the end of the show, so I will go over it with the SM tonight.

I will try to get some faux production pics with another cast member or 2, so I can post my 2 looks, one as the comical know it all Rabbi and the sexually perverse Grandfather. But here is the stage, I’ll get a better pic with opening lighting later on.

So for now…
“Use the Think System, think man, just think!”
The Music Man

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