Mar 20th

Didn’t get cast in “Jersey Boys“… personally I don’t think I was right for the role of the mafiosa… but auditioned anyway. They were asking for songs in the style of the show, and me being a character actor, I sang “There is Nothin Like a Dame” from “South Pacific“. Usually that would be fine, especially for a non singing role, but the associate from Tara Rubin Casting was obviously bothered by my choice. I sang great, she said have a day nice & I left. It’s OK, I’m used to it. I just really wish that someday someone would see me with the talent that I have and cast me appropriately.

Starting to feel better now from a bout of back pain. It’s amazing how back pain can stop your daily routine, but feeling much better ready to roll!

My script “Mary’s Dilemma” has undergone so many changes in the last 3 years but I am finally at a finished script that I absolutely love. I am now in the process of putting together a Business Plan for investors…. I have to raise $1 million. Principle photography is scheduled to begin May 2008.

Flying out to Dayton Ohio this week to see a show a friend of mine was cast in: “Harold & Maude, The Musical”.


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