Jan 18, 2008

On Jan 2nd the rep from Florida Studio Theatre called my agent & left a very nondescript message: “We’re going in another direction.”
2 call backs, keeping me on hold over the Christmas holiday AND calling people off my resume for references…….they didn’t cast me. I spoke to the people that gave references & they gave great referrals…?!

I’m over it. It would have been a fun comittment, but such is life… I know, there’s something else waiting in the wings for me….
Ahhhh Life.

My agent’s assistant asked me if I wanted to be submitted for the European Tour of West Side Story for the character Gladhand….. I asked if it was B & B Promotions? he said yes…I said NO! a few years ago I was cast in the South Asian Tour of the same role & show & they did not include in the breakdowns that the “guaranteed 24 weeks of work” were in a 52 week contract & there was no pay for the weeks not worked, along with other discrepancies.
again, Ahhh such is life.

I did begin to pen my 3rd screenplay, and the investor’s trailer for “Mary’s Dilemma” is almost finished with editing. I also put the screenplay up for sale so which ever comes first.

I have extra time on my hands now… well sort of…. I still work daytime about 25 hrs per week at Plays for Living but the Theatre I work at is dark right now so no need for us Union Ushers.

How is my life? DO I have all that I want? No. BUT Am I better off today than I was one year ago? Yes! So for now I have no complaints.

I love to share, thanks for reading.

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