Every Little Step…

I just returned home from seeing the film EVERY LITTLE STEP with a good   Actress friend of mine. The documentary of A CHORUS LINE, past & present. Bring tissues, you’ll cry out of happiness, melancholy, and maybe even some resentfulness. The film is intense  for dancers, singers, actors… anyone in an Arts field to be honest. All our lives are the same… we strive to perfect the talents we were given, only to be the subject of rejection. Of course we know it’s not personal (Yeah, sure), but still we are told no.

For a dancer everything was covered in the docu bio, but for Actors… what happens when you go from a “working actor” to a “sometimes working actor” or least yet to a “don’t the casting directors know I’m alive, actor”. When does the Actor need to re-examine reality versus their goals & dreams, and possibly (for their own sanity) establish new ones. New goals & dream that can fit within the parameters of the given circumstances of the reality of their life.

So what do we do? What do we do after crying, sulking, throwing darts at our agents picture, leaving garbage outside the door of the young actor down the hall that just booked a job… What do we do after the physiological effects of our emotions run dry and we are left standing naked in front of the mirror?

We survive, that’s what we do. We finagle our way through our own existence by finding something, somehow, somewhere, that can still give us our Arts fix. Whether it be directing, writing, painting, and/or the occasional “The casting directors all know me, but OK I’ll send out some postcards” routine. Life goes on… and so do we… the group of ultra talented, awesome individuals who haven’t yet found their “break”.

Easy to say, I know… but look at the options… there are none. That’s what you should be saying. I am and always will be an actor! I am and always will be a singer! and so on. That doesn’t change, the only thing that changes is our mentality. Yes, I know booking a job lies in the hands of the casting directors AND the roles available. (That’s why it’s sooo important to know your “type” and market yourself that way). BUT, and I say BUT in capitals… that’s not your only talent. People like us, in the Arts are wonderfully sensitive, perceptive people. We may have our one talent that we would die over… but look inside yourself, see that rainbow kaleidoscope waiting for a release.

I’m drained. Tonight was dessert after a day of meeting with friends. Treat yourself to dessert… and leave a comment if you wish.

Always onward & upward

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