Tiara to come…

A woman stepped into the theatre the other evening dressed in a green flowing evening gown.

She had a white mink stole with opera gloves, and a tiara sparkling through her radiant red hair.             Everyone noticed, as I watched her my head flooded with images of Audrey Hepburn.

How wonderful that someone dressed the way they felt. It probably never occurred to her that so      many people would be affected by the way she dressed. From the woman in the 3rd row reminiscing  her own prom while elbowing her husband saying “Hurry John, look at her” to the teenage boy with   his mouth wide open, to me… watching her and silently applauding her for her individuality in a time when people don’t have the patience to be themselves anymore.

We later found out she was celebrating her engagement. Cheers to her and her very fortunate  husband to be.

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  1. Michael Goucher says:

    Congratulations on your blog site. It is a cool reflection of a deep personality. Loved the take on Tiara Lady.