Saturday August 11th

Well, after I sent a thank you email to everyone who participated in the filming
the trailer for my screenplay MARY’S DILEMMA (

I received these comments back & it totally blows my mind that I was able to make
such an impact on so many talented people. I am blessed.

“Thank you so much. I am so thankful to have been blessed with such a wonderful opportunity that you had given my husband and I. It was an honor and a privilege to meet you and work for you. I wish I could write in words how FANTASTIC it was! Your movie is so exciting, and I am so stoked for you. If there is anything I could ever do to help you… please ask. :)”
(Debbie & Jim Bordelon, extras who drove in from Indiana)

“All hail the great Jeff Goldstein! :)
As everyone knows who was there, you ran a tight ship, put together a world-class team, and generally wowed everyone who was there. So impressed; proud; honored; and thrilled. Next stop: OSCARS BABY! (For those who didn’t know, he’s gonna win one.)
Be sure to invite me to the premiere!”
(Monroe Mann, extra, consultant)

“Hi Jeff
Thanks for thanking us.
Spiritually Richie and Tony”
(Richie, camerman)

“Dear Jeff,
What a pleasure it was to meet you!
I had a lovely Sunday afternoon. Thank you! What beautiful light we had …
Truly, I am looking forward to the screening!
(Kirsten Stoffa, Crew)

“Hey Jeff,
Thanks for an incredible shoot last weekend! Shout-outs to my buddy Matt Jared for recommending me… I look forward to the chance when we can work together again, but until then, God Bless and much success on this project!
See ya on the red carpet!”
(Phil John, extra)

…and now I would like to unveil the new logo for
my production company Joey Vegas Productions:

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