I’ve sat…

Coming home tonight I thought… I really do love my life.

I don’t have everything I’d like, I haven’t reached some goals yet, But I am so very much enjoying the journey I am taking to reach my goals.

Ups and downs we all have them, right now I am on an up… (no drugs either).

One of the perks from working as a Broadway Usher is the celebrities I seat.  Some of them are priceless and need to be documented.

I seated in the past 2 weeks:
Diane Keaton
Julie Andrews
Geraldo Rivera
and Polly Bergen.

I had wonderful words with them (short & informal) but they were sweet & genuine.

So not being onstage but in front of the stage, even though it’s a survival job until more acting gigs come in for me… I still enjoy it…. for the moment.

Have a very good evening tonight!
-Jeff in NYC

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