For as good as it is…it’s still so hard.

Many things to mention in todays’ post, I’ll start with todays events and work backwards.

I spent a few hours at the Apple Store on Fifth Ave, here in NYC in “The Studio”. I was having a one on one class on iDVD, Soundtrack, and GarageBand. I love when I’m at the Apple Store, it’s almost like my own FAO very own toy store. I crossed the street in front of the old Plaza Hotel, and looked for a moment at the construction going on. What a shame that’s it’s going all condo. I’m sure it will still be beautiful, but the legend is no more.

I crossed the street, I was going to the train to head downtown to the workshops at the Apple Soho store when a pigeon dumped right on the brim of my favorite baseball cap. I picked up a few dry leaves and tried to wipe it off. Standing next to me was a hot dog vendor, who motioned me to come over to him. He took some of his hot water and wipe it off my cap. I stood there watching him and realized this is one of the great reasons I love this city so much. I gave him a few dollars for his trouble and wished him a happy holiday. I spent 4 hours downtown and could not be happy.

To close on an upbeat note, I always read other actor’s blogs and I came across one today that I thought was exceptional. It’s ironic: this actor was a wonderful replacement in “Light in the Piazza”, which I ushered and he is currently in the new Broadway production of Les Miserables which I auditioned for the role of Thenardier. The part went to the extremely talented Gary Beach. Aaron Lazar and his blog called Simply Broadway-An Actor’s Blog, I reccomend it.
Cheers Aaron! I never really approached you during “Piazza”… to tell you how much I enjoyed your performance night after night. I like to nod & say hello & that’s it. If conversation is extended then I will participate… remember I’m just an usher…

So, with everything going on with my film “Mary’s Dilemma”, my survival jobs, and life in general, I ‘m happy. Oh I want more auditions and more actings jobs (and while I’m at it) I also want a winning lottery ticket… But for now, today, this moment… I’m happy with my life, and I look forward to tomorrow.


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