Fly the friendly skies….

11:40AM Jet Blue Terminal at JFK airport in New York.

I’m sitting in the terminal waiting for my flight to West Palm Beach to spend with family for the holiday. A nice 4 day weekend is a great break from the hustle of the city. The news said today would be a monstrous day for travelers and to get to the airports very early. I had no trouble, problem, attitude going through security. Surprisingly. … Well the airport is empty as were the streets getting here. A young child is screaming at the top of his lungs… his mother went to get him a soda and left him with a male figure probably his grandfather. …. AH! he stopped. I’m looking around and I’m still shocked at how empty the airport is… Oh there are people here, but not at all like the crowds I’d expected.

I was chatting last night with a friend about all the celebrities I’ve sat so far,

Well the list goes as follows:

Fran Drescher
James Cromwell
Stockard Channing
Estelle Parsons
Jerry Mitchell
Lucie Arnez & Lawrence Luckenbill
Juilianne Margolies
Olymipa Dukakis

I think that’s it for now…. impressive. I hope somday some usher somewhere says… Hey! Guess who I sat… Jeff Goldstein.
That would be nice!

Until later
Happy Holidays!

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